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Polyurethane foams produced by our company for over 30 years are used in many industries: furniture, construction, sports, car, rehabilitation. User comfort and the functionality of the final product are most important to us, and the way to achieve this is by producing the best quality components.

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About the company

About the company

JAG was established in 1983 and is now a renowned manufacturer of polyurethane foams and a reliable business partner. The feature that distinguishes us from other companies in this product sector is exclusively Polish capital and professional advice based on the company’s over 33 years of experience on the plastics market.

We work with both with large enterprises as well as with individual clients from Poland and abroad. To meet the expectations of our contracting partners and the highest quality standards, we are constantly expanding the spectrum of activity and improving the production process of polyurethane foams.

We employ professional staff, use the latest technologies available on the market and hold certificates ensuring that our products meet the highest quality standards.


We export
to 12 countries


40 years
of experience


Polish capital



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