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What is the best foam in the sports industry?

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The latest technological solutions are entering many areas of life. It is no different with sport – sports equipment and accessories are constantly being improved. Of particular significance are the new foams which are used, for example, in the production of sports and cushioning mats, balls and even rehabilitation accessories. What type of foam works best in this role?

Advantages of rebound polyurethane foam (type R)

Many other types of foam are used in the sports industry, however rebound polyurethane foam is usually the best choice. This is based on several of its properties. Type R foam is primarily characterised by small losses in stiffness during use. This means that mats or sports equipment made of it are extremely durable and can be used by athletes for many years. The foam is also resistant to high and low temperatures, so the equipment can be used regardless of the season. In addition, it is characterised by high resistance to chemicals, so keeping sports equipment clean should not be a problem.

Impact of type R foam on human health

From the point of view of the health and hygiene of athletes, type R foam has even more advantages. It is inert to pathogens, permeable to air and no physiological reservations have been presented to its use. Importantly, its processing is dust-free, and no heavy metals are involved in its production. This means that the type R foam not only does not burden the health of people using it in any way, but also provides athletes with an appropriate level of hygiene during training. Good quality foam should be certified by the Building Research Institute and the National Institute of Hygiene.

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