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What properties does polyurethane foam have?

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Polyurethane foams are used in various industries. This is due to their properties.

Type R flexible, rebound polyurethane foams

Applications of recycled polyurethane foams, which are plastics from the group of flexible foams, include the furniture industry (in the production of upholstered furniture and mattresses), the sports industry (production of mats and protectors), the heating industry (production of compensation pads), and in the transport of glass, as a cushioning spacer. This type of foam is characterised by small losses in stiffness during use, as well as resistance to biopathogenic factors and chemicals, and air permeability thanks to the open ends of the foam. Soft polyurethane foams also work well as a material for floor coverings, laid on concrete or wood.

Type PUR/PIR rigid polyurethane foams

Rigid polyurethane PUR/PIR foams are a great thermal insulation material (λ=0.023 W/mK), and they are also lightweight and convenient to transport and install. In addition, PUR foams are resistant to fungi, mould and rodents, and can be used in a large temperature range (from -60°C to 120°C). Adding to this the fact that the foam retains its properties for many years and is produced in many different types, it is not surprising that it has not lost its popularity for years.

Thanks to their insulating parameters, PUR/PIR foams are widely used in modern construction. They are most often used as thermal insulation of walls, floors, ceilings, flat roofs, sloping roofs, as the core of sandwich panels, and are also used in the refrigeration, shipbuilding and automotive industries. Interestingly, where the use of board is difficult, rigid foam granulate is also often used, as well as dust for the production of paste-type hand cleaners. The low thermal conductivity of the foam makes it possible to make a thinner layer of insulation during the construction of the house, and thus to save more usable space. Rigid foams offered by our company are available in flammability class E. We can also offer our customers PIR polyurethane foams with flammability class E.

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