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Use of PUR rigid polyurethane foam

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The applications of PUR foam are limitless. Most people associate it with a great thermal insulation material, but this foam is used on a daily basis in many different industries, not only in construction. Where else is it used? Let’s check!

PUR in construction

PUR foam, as already mentioned, has very good thermal insulation parameters of λ=0.023 W/mK. This makes it used, among other components, in the production of sandwich panels, which are used in the construction of halls and farm buildings, for example. Rigid polyurethane foam type PUR is used for the same reason as insulation of houses and makes them more energy efficient. It is lightweight, which makes its installation on walls, floors and ceilings convenient. For the same reason, it is easy to transport. PUR foams are chemically and biologically resistant, so they provide great protection for attics against birds and insects. Where it is not possible to mount a board, insulation can be performed with PUR foam granules. On the other hand, the dust obtained from the foam is used in the production of e.g. paste-type hand cleaner.